Something Wrong with the World

Imagine for a moment that a man told you the sky was pink, and that he was the only one who could see it. Okay, an eccentric. However, also imagine that the culture, from television personalities to the president, were of the opinion that while the sky didn’t appear to be pink to them, they had no right to insist that the sky was blue and by extension, neither do you. Furthermore, top scientists were publishing  articles in major journals declaring that the sky is, objectively, whatever color any individual says it is, and only a confused, ignorant or hateful person would disagree.

Stacy McCain:

No one is supposed to ask how certain people, simply by calling themselves “feminists,” acquire the authority to speak on behalf of all women. Who chose the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement to represent the African-American community? Merely to ask such a question exposes the fundamental issue of authority claimed by the Thought Police. On what grounds do they claim the right to suppress opposing opinions? Who put them in charge and granted them the power to act as self-appointed prosecutors against those whom they accuse of prejudice? How is it that any 19-year-old with a YouTube channel can arrogate to himself the authority of the Thought Police?

Who is telling you that the sky is pink? Do you believe it?

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